Crestron 4-Channel Volume/EQ Control Module C2N-VEQ4

The C2N-VEQ4 provides a very simple solution for adding professional quality volume control, equalization, and signal routing to any Crestron 2-Series control system. In a compact half-space rack-mountable chassis, the C2N-VEQ4 delivers four channels of digital volume and tone control, four 12-band graphic/parametric equalizers, and a fully-adjustable 4×4 matrix mixer. Dual DSPs and 24-bit 96 kHz A/D and D/A converters attain high-end audio performance perfectly suited for a multitude of applications in boardrooms, auditoriums, night clubs, and homes.

The C2N-VEQ4 is controllable through any Crestron touchpanel, keypad, handheld remote, or e-Control®2 user interface, with true feedback provided for every parameter. Mixer and EQ settings are easily configured and adjusted through Crestron’s Media Tools software (part of Crestron Toolbox) and saved in presets stored onboard the C2N-VEQ4 module.

Volume/Tone Control

In its most basic configuration, the C2N-VEQ4 provides four individual audio channels which may be operated independently or linked for stereo operation. Each channel includes adjustments for volume, bass, treble, and mute, with definable ramp times and scaling for fully customized operation. Protective relays on each output are included to prevent “thumps” during power-up and provide 100dB attenuation for dead-silent muting.

Matrix Mixer

The 4×4 matrix mixer allows any input to be routed to any or all output channels with full control over each individual level. Using the C2N-VEQ4, up to four line-level sources may be mixed and distributed to up to four destinations, with each destination receiving a different mix as needed. A master volume adjustment is also included to make overall level adjustment a snap.

Five mixer presets may be stored onboard the C2N-VEQ4, with additional presets possible within the control system if needed. Such power and flexibility makes the C2N-VEQ4 ideal for a host of mixing and multi-zone applications.

Graphic/Parametric EQ

Each of the four output channels includes a full 12-band equalizer eliminating the need for additional outboard processors. Five selectable modes of audio equalization are available per output channel, providing up to 12 bands of fully parametric EQ or varying combinations of parametric and graphic EQ including a filter set optimized for speech applications.

Five parametric EQ presets and ten graphic EQ “trim presets” may be stored onboard the C2N-VEQ4, allowing for save and recall of different EQ curves to account for changing room acoustics, audio material, or listener preference.

The C2N-VEQ4 is a Cresnet slave device designed to communicate with any 2-Series control system via the Cresnet bus. The C2N-VEQ4 is also available as the C2VEQ-4 Y-Bus expansion card for 2-Series card frames.


Summary Of Features

  • 24-bit 96KHz A/D and D/A converters | Dual DSPs
  • 4 balanced/unbalanced line-level I/O channels
  • Fully adjustable 4 x 4 audio matrix mixer
  • Independent volume, bass, treble, and mute per channel
  • Relays for -100 dB muting and “thump” prevention
  • 12-band parametric or graphic equalization per output channel
  • Preset and real-time control with true feedback via cresnet
  • Half-rack space Cresnet expansion module


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Features 4×4 Matrix Mixer, 4-Channel Digital Audio Processor
Master Volume -80dB to +20dB, 0.1dB steps (balanced I/O)
Channel Volume -80dB to +12dB, 0.1dB steps from Media Tools; -80dB to +0dB, 0.1dB steps from SIMPL (balanced I/O)
Mute > -100dB
Bass/Treble Gain Range ±15dB, 0.5dB steps
Equalization Modes 10-band graphic plus 2-band parametric; 5-band graphic plus 7-band parametric; speech-optimized 5-band graphic plus 7-band parametric; 3-band graphic plus 9-band parametric; or 12-band parametric
PEQ Filter Gain ±12dB, 0.1dB steps from Media Tools; +24/-36dB, 0.1dB steps from SIMPL
PEQ Filter Bandwidth 0.02 to 2.0 octaves (1.0 to 3.0 for shelving) from Media Tools; 0.02 to 3.5 from SIMPL
PEQ Filter Center Frequency 25Hz to 19.9kHz from Media Tools; 5Hz to 24KHz from SIMPL
PEQ Filter Types low pass, high pass, EQ filter (peaking/notching), bass shelf, and treble shelf
GEQ Filter Gain +5/-10dB, 0.1dB steps from Media Tools; ±10dB, 0.1dB steps from SIMPL
GEQ Filter Center Frequencies 31.5, 63, 125, 250, 500, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k Hz (10-band); 63, 250, 1k, 4k, 10k Hz (5-band); 160, 600, 1k, 2.5k, 5k Hz (Speech Opt. 5-band); 250, 1k, 4k Hz (3-band)
Frequency Response ±0.1dB 20Hz to 22kHz, ±0.5dB 10Hz to 30kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) + Noise <0.008% @1kHz
S/N Ratio >97dB balanced, >95dB unbalanced, 20Hz to 22kHz A-weighted
Crosstalk > -90dB 20Hz to 22kHz
Common Mode Rejection >90dB 20Hz to 22kHz
IN 1 – 4 (2) 5-pin 3.5mm detachable terminal blocks comprising (4) balanced/unbalanced line-level audio inputs;
Maximum Input Level: 4 Vrms balanced, 2 Vrms unbalanced;
Input Impedance: 10k ohms balanced, 5k ohm unbalanced
OUT 1 – 4 (2) 5-pin 3.5mm detachable terminal blocks comprising (4) balanced/unbalanced line-level audio outputs;
Maximum Output Level: 4 Vrms balanced, 2 Vrms unbalanced;
Output Impedance: 200 ohms balanced, 100 ohms unbalanced
NET (1) 4-pin 5mm detachable terminal block, Cresnet slave port;
Connects to Cresnet control network
G (1) 6-32 screw, chassis ground lug
PWR (green) Indicates 24 Volts DC power supplied from Cresnet control network
NET (yellow) Indicates communication with Cresnet system
ACTIVITY 1 – 4 (red) Illuminates when a parameter is being changed on a given channel
SETUP (rear) (red) Used for Touch-Settable ID (TSID)
SETUP (rear) Used for Touch-Settable ID (TSID)
Power Requirements
Cresnet Power Usage 8 Watts (0.34 Amps @ 24 Volts DC)
Temperature 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Chassis Steel, black matte powder coat finish
Faceplate Extruded aluminum, black matte powder coat finish with polycarbonate label overlay
Mounting Freestanding or 0.5U 19-inch rack-mountable (adhesive feet included, ST-RMK rack kit sold separately)
Height 1.80 in (4.57 cm);
1.70 in (4.32 cm) without feet
Width 7.07 in (17.96 cm)
Depth 6.38 in (16.21 cm)

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