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QSC RAVE 522ua Digital System, Cobranet I/O, Configurable DSP, 8 Analog Inputs / 8 Analog Outputs via Euro Style Connectors,

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About QSC RAVE522UA, QSC’s next generation network audio system, achieves the seamless integration of the company’s signal transport, control, processing, and monitoring technologies. brings together QSC’s digital, power amplification and loudspeaker products into a unified system that enables the user to administrate it all via a fully integrated graphical user interface. The new generation RAVE devices are designed to operate under the company’s platform.RAVE 522ua
The RAVE platform meets the processing and signal transport needs of audio systems over an Ethernet network. The RAVE 522ua units combine two distinct QSC technologies within a single hardware unit. Configurable DSP, and CobraNet audio transport are seamlessly integrated into one powerful single RU package. Through, QSC’s BASIS and next-generation RAVE and DSP products can be networked together and controlled from a single software interface. In addition, multiple networked computers can be set up to control and monitor all of the units simultaneously.

Fixed Latency DSP
Users of most other configurable DSP systems are familiar with a variable latency inherent in the processing configuration. Add more processing blocks and you also add delay, whether you want it or not. QSC’s DSP engine is unique in having a short and fixed processing latency through the DSP subsystem. When the A/D and D/A converters are included, the total analog-to-analog latency of a single unit is a negligible 2.354 milliseconds. QSC’s fixed latency DSP is configurable DSP that stays fast and predictable from one configuration to the next.

• Universal inputs – mic/line with pre-amps and phantom power
• Configurable DSP functions and signal paths
• Fixed latency DSP engine
• Ethernet controllable
• CobraNet audio transport with new intuitive GUI
• Two Ethernet ports – CobraNet and control can be run over a single cable
• or be divided between the two ports. The CobraNet port is 100Base-T.
• The control port is 10Base-T.
• Each unit can store eight design configurations that can be changed on the fly
• Snapshots can recall config or block and/or parameter settings
• THX approved for professional cinema applications

DSP functions include, but are not limited to:
• Matrix mixer – any size, up to 24 x 24
• Automixers – gain sharing
• Routers – any size, up to 24 x 24
• Gain controls – any channel count, up to 24
• Graphic equalizers
• Filters – high-pass, low-pass, all-pass, shelf, parametric, parametric shelf,
• Butterworth high and low-pass, Linkwitz-Riley high and low-pass, BesselThomson high and low-pass
• Crossovers – Linkwitz-Riley, Butterworth, Bessel-Thomson in-phase, BesselThomson symmetrical, 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way general purpose adjustable
• Compressors, peak limiters, AGC’s, gates, dynamics processor
• Duckers – up to 8 channels, up to 60 seconds fade in and fade out times, priority mix
• Pink noise, white noise, sine generators
• Delays
• Macros – user-definable custom blocks with password protection.

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