Bose L1 Model II Portable Line Array System w/ B2 Bass Module


Thank you for viewing this Bose® L1 Model II Portable Line Array System w/ B2 Bass Module !  This is Brand New, Sealed in manufacturers box!  We are an Authorized Dealer of Bose Professional® Products – Product includes Bose® Full Manufacturers Warranty!


Positioning:  Our most advanced L1 system for an audience of up to 500. With a 24-speaker articulated line array providing 180 degrees clear, even coverage, it combines our best sound reproduction with easy transport and setup. Designed to work with the T1 ToneMatch® audio engine, which provides four additional inputs, our largest library of ToneMatch presets and a complete suite of studio-class effects and processing.  For indoor applications only.

Audience Size:  Up to 500

Applications:  Musicians, Mobile DJ’s, Public Speaking, Professional A/V Applications, Houses of worship, Schools and universities, Resorts and hospitality venues, Live music performances and Business presentations

Bass:  The Model II power stand can drive 2 B1 or a single B2 bass loudspeaker.  It also features a dedicated bass line output, allowing it to be used with the A1 Packlite® amplifier to add two additional B1 bass modules or an additional B2 bass module.

Input/ Output:

  • 1 x 1/4″ analog input
  • 1 x NL4 bass module out
  • 1 x 1/4″ bass line out
  • 1 x ToneMatch® port
  • 1 x trim control
  • 1 x power switch

(Plug your TV, DVD/ video, MP3 player, Laptop/ PC, Microphone, Instrument, SMART Board interactive whiteboard or Projector)

System Includes:  L1 Model II top and bottom loudspeaker arrays, L1 Model II system power stand, AC power cord, Protective carry bags/ covers and B2 bass module with cable and slip cover.


Key Features

  • High-performing, powered, portable two-way loudspeaker system with a 195° H x 0° V nominal dispersion designed for the production and reproduction of live music, music playback, speeches and A/V sound reproduction
  • 24-driver articulated line array loudspeaker technology produces wide, uniform sound coverage throughout the entire listening area—even off to the extreme sides
  • Consistent front-to-back coverage, 24 drivers mounted in a vertical line array produce little drop in sound pressure level per doubling in distance than a conventional point source
  • Retractable folding leg mechanism for easy transport
  • Lightweight, interlocking components
  • Expandable bass design supports the use of multiple B1 bass modules or a single B2 bass module
  • Digital Ethercon port provides single-wire connectivity for the T1 ToneMatch audio engine


Technical Summary

  • Frequency Response (+/-3 dB)
    40 Hz – 12 kHz
  • Frequency Range (-10 dB)
    32 Hz – 14 kHz
  • Nominal Dispersion
    195° H x 0° V
  • Maximum SPL @ 1 m
    115 dB SPL (121 dB SPL peak)

Note: The B2 bass module is equivalent to up to four (4) B1 bass modules. There is a three-position switch to change from negative (-) [comparable to one B1] to normal [comparable to two B1 bass units] to positive (+) [comparable to four B1 bass units]. Flip the switch according to your music and environment needs!

About the B2 bass module:

  • High-performance flexible bass module
  • Designed to provide deep, impactful bass for higher SPL live music and DJ applications
  • Features two 10″ high-excursion woofers mounted in a rugged enclosure
  • Features a three-position sensing switch, allowing bass output to be adjusted for different applications


Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 45 lb (20.41 kg)
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Frequency Response: (-3dB) 40 Hz – 200 Hz
  • Frequency Range: (-10dB) 35 Hz – 220 Hz
  • Carry bag + cable included

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